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What is the role of liquid water reducing agent(Polycarboxylate superplasticizer) on concrete?


Polycarboxylate superplasticizer(PCE) is a new generation of polycarboxylate ether polymer, which can be used as the best water-reducing agent for concrete materials.

It has some advantages after using that:


1. Lubricant effect: The polar hydrophilic groups in the water-reducing agent are directionally adsorbed on the surface of cement particles and are easily associated with water molecules in the form of hydrogen bonds. This hydrogen bonding force is much greater than the molecular attraction between water molecules and cement particles.

2Improve the fluidity of concrete and improve construction efficiency: Concrete water-reducing agent can improve the fluidity of concrete, making it easier to pour, vibrate and maintain concrete at the construction site, and improve construction efficiency.

3. Improve the strength of concrete: While maintaining fluidity and cement dosage, the amount of mixing water can be reduced by 10%-20%, thereby reducing the water-cement ratio and increasing the strength of concrete by 15%-20%, especially Early strength improvement is more beneficial

4. Reduce the amount of cement used in concrete: Reduce the amount of cement used in concrete and reduce costs. Concrete water reducing agent can significantly reduce the cement content of concrete without affecting the strength of concrete, thereby reducing the cost of concrete.

5. Improve the durability of concrete: Concrete water-reducing agents can reduce the porosity inside concrete and reduce the possibility of concrete being corroded by external factors such as water and air, thereby improving the durability of concrete.

6. Water reducing effect: After adding high-efficiency water reducing agent to commercial concrete, the water-cement ratio can be significantly reduced while maintaining fluidity.

7. Plasticization: After adding water-reducing agent to concrete, the fluidity, cohesion and water retention can be increased while keeping the water-cement ratio unchanged.

8. Reduce the shrinkage of concrete: The use of water-reducing agent has another important benefit, which is that it can reduce the shrinkage of concrete, making the shrinkage of concrete much smaller than without using water-reducing agent, thus making the building more durable. Walk steadily.

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