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The role of liquid KD-103PS PCE(Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) in concrete


KD-103PS PCE(High slump retention type) is a new generation of environmentally friendly polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent developed by our company. In addition to having a high water-reducing rate, this series of water-reducing agents also has excellent slump retention and can show It significantly improves the cohesion of concrete and greatly improves the construction performance of concrete.

This product can be widely used in ordinary concrete, delivered concrete, and high-strength and high-performance concrete. It has excellent performance especially in super-fluid self-compacting concrete and ultra-long-distance transportation construction.

The general dosage range is 0.25%-0.8% per 100kg of total cementitious material. The optimal dosage should be determined through experiments for the specific cement and mix ratio. When used, it can be mixed with mixing water first and then added, or it can be added into the concrete mixer at the same time. In order to achieve the best water reduction effect, the recommended mixing time is no less than 120s.

This product can be used in combination with various retarder, defoaming agent, air-entraining agent and other functional admixtures. The best combined performance should be determined through tests before use.

Since this product is a superplasticizer stock solution with a solid content of 50%, it is not an end product used in concrete production. It is recommended that customers reduce the solid content of the product before use, and determine the optimal dosage and performance through experiments, if necessary. Other admixture products can be used in combination.


Higher water-reducing performance: It provides a guarantee for improving the working performance of concrete, improving the strength and durability of concrete, and reducing economic costs.

Molecular controllability: The water reduction rate, plasticity retention and air-entraining performance of this series of water reducing agents can be adjusted by adjusting the molecular weight of the main chain, the length and density of the side chains, and the types of side chain gene groups.

Good cohesion: It can significantly improve the cohesion of concrete, making the concrete have good workability, no delamination, no segregation, and no bleeding.

Higher growth rate: It has a higher early strength growth rate, improves shrinkage properties and reduces the carbonation rate of concrete.

Wide adaptability: Wide adaptability, good adaptability to various Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement and various mineral admixtures and sand and gravel materials.

Excellent slump retention performance: It has good performance in terms of low slump and long-term maintenance of slump of cast-in-place concrete, ensuring the working performance of concrete without affecting the normal setting of concrete.

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